We appreciate all you do to help save the community's water supply.

Thornton wants to reward water customers for taking the steps to save even more water. Check out the forms below and cash in on water savings, or learn more about Thornton's water rebates and free services at ThorntonWater.com.

Online Residential Rebates Form

Thornton residents can apply for a variety of water efficiency rebates from a PC or mobile device. Apply Online Now!

Alternatively, print and mail in one of the following rebate forms.

Residential Rebates PDF

Print the PDF residential water efficiency rebate form, and mail it to the city of Thornton.

Commercial Rebates PDF

Print the PDF commercial water efficiency rebate form, and mail or walk it into the city of Thornton.

Fomulario de Reembolso Residencial de Eficiencia de Agua PDF

Envíe los formularios completes a ciudad de Thornton.